The Silverman Center specializes in two primary methods to determine baby gender: The Ericsson method and the IVF/PGD technique. Both methods incorporate techniques to sort sperm for selected genders. Through the IVF/PGD process, Dr. Silverman and specialists from the center assist in enabling eggs to be fertilized outside of the female’s body with selected sperm from the father. A rigid testing process is employed as the embryos are checked for desired genders and transferred to the mother. Accurate testing and verification increases the odds of conceiving a child of a desired sex to complete preconceptual gender selection.

Dr. Silverman has practiced these methods and specialized in in-vitro fertilization for more than 20 years. The success rates of this accomplished physician and the center he represents are high and clear within the testimonials of satisfied parents across the world. See what couples have to say about their relationship with the Silverman Center throughout Gender-select.com.

Preconceptual gender selection with proven results

The methods used by Dr. Silverman are not just daily recipes or homemade concoctions. Each method for preconceptual gender selection is backed by extensive scientific research and decades of practice within the field. Trust in a doctor who recognizes the need for families to choose a baby’s sex. Success rates show that the Ericsson method alone is effective at least 70 percent of the time to determine baby gender. The choice for a boy or girl is up to you now, even before conception. Browse Gender-select.com for comprehensive information about the processes utilized by the Silverman Center. A consultation with our staff will answer any and all questions you may have while on your journey of family enrichment.